Minimalist WalletWallets bulging at the seams stuffed with receipts, sticky notes, useless cards, and perhaps even a piece of gum or two, are uncomfortable to carry and half the contents are simply not necessary to have on you every day. They look sloppy and so does the bulged in your pants pocket they cause. A significant market has developed over the years referred to as minimal wallets. These wallets are much more refined, smaller sized, offer excellent functionality and typically designed with much greater attention to detail. In today’s environment with rapidly advancing technology, the need for large, bulky and uncomfortable wallets is no longer present. Most people pay bills online or use apps on their smartphone to facilitate electronic payments. The bottom line is that most people are carrying around way more than they need and our intent is to help them find the best minimalist wallet that fits their lifestyle.

Design, Style & Quality

Monk & Guru Minimal Wallet - 4Minimal wallets tend to have a lot more style and attention to the small details that adds character to each wallet. Because the companies making these wallets are not focusing on creating additional storage, they have the time to unleash their full attention on design functions and compatibility.

Comfort & Function

Raphael LEAN Wallet - CashMinimalist wallets, often referred to as front pocket wallets, are much more comfortable than traditional wallets. Most models are slim enough you can barely even feel it in your front or back pants pocket. They normally come with 2-3 slots for ATM or credit cards, space for storing cash and even small miscellaneous storage depending on the particular design.

Small & Local Business

imgMany of the manufacturers and designers of minimal wallets are people with the dream of having their own business. They might not be in your city, or even in your state, but these are the types of companies that are the heart and soul of the economy. In fact, a significant number of the companies in the minimal wallet space raised the start-up funds for their business through sites like

Unique Appearance & Vibrant Character

Apex Aluminum Minimal WalletsThere are a huge variety of designs available for minimalist wallets, and most offer very unique character that is a reflection of the wallet owner. Having 4-6 different minimal wallets is ideal for mixing and matching with your clothes for the day or perhaps transitioning from a personal to a business environment.