Boconi Weekender Wallet

Boconi – The Weekender

This wallet offers a very unique design among minimal wallets, with an ID slot allowing an ID card to be visible on the outer side of the wallet. This is something you typically only see with larger, more traditional wallets.

Additionally, the wallet boasts real Italian leather and enough room to carry several cards and enough cash to do what is needed on a daily basis. Believe it or not, this wallet also has RFID blocking built right into the material that separates the ID compartment from the compartment for card storage.

This gives the wallet an edge on most other minimal wallets as card security even while just going about your normal routine is getting to be a much bigger issue. Functional storage, an ID viewing compartment and RFID blocking make the wallet an excellent overall value and provide amazing functionality for an everyday minimal wallet.

With all of the features packed into this wallet it is almost hard to believe it is still a minimal wallet. However, the sleek and slim design makes it easy to carry, use and comfortable in an inside jacket pocket or pants pocket.

Boconi is a well-known name in the accessory market and has been known for several years as producing quality goods at an affordable price. The wallet is great as an addition to your minimal wallet collection or perfect as an only wallet that will be used every day.


  • Deep and rich mahogany color
  • RFID blocking technology
  • ID viewing panel
  • Storage for several cards
  • Allows for extra storage of cash and/or business cards
  • Affordable and high quality design
  • Size: 3.1″ x 4.0″ x .125″