Minimalist Wallet

Craft & Lore’s Port Wallet

Looking to ditch the bulk? Craft & Lore’s Port Wallet is a solid choice. Designed to keep all of your must-haves—at least 6 credit cards and a few bucks—safe, secure and readily at-hand, this handmade heritage-style piece is the perfect go-to when it’s time to cut back on what you’re hauling around. Pop some cards in the center or outside pocket, a few bucks in the short side, and you’re good to go.

As the header would suggest, this wallet’s 100% handmade from—get this—a single piece of rich saddle leather, wrapped around itself. How’s that for minimalist? And because of that high-quality leather, this wallet’s only going to get better with age—in 5, 10 or even 20 years, it’ll only look more ruggedly weathered. Major bonus.

Another bonus is the decidedly DIY nature of the purchase process. Pick your finish from four go-anywhere, do-anything neutral browns, add one of 6 thread colors and, voila. It’s YOUR perfect wallet. All too often we find a great minimalist wallet that’s almost just right…except…it’s not. But Craft & Lore totally gets it, clearly, and has eliminated the not-quite-right hurdle out of the process—another major perk, in our book.

Each finished piece is emblazoned with the classic Craft + Lore maker’s mark on the back—for now, buyers can choose the size—and comes tucked in drawstring cotton pouch for easy storage. If you’re giving this wallet as a gift, that pouch also serves as a great finish—totally classic, totally clean and, really, doesn’t even need the giftwrap.

As if we couldn’t love this wallet anymore…here’s one more unique perk: it’s 100% unisex. This one’s the perfect grab-and-go for ladies looking to ditch that jam-packed purse in favor of tossing a Port Wallet in the bag—or just carrying it in her hand—and taking off.

Our only drawbacks? While I wouldn’t necessarily call it a negative, the Port Wallet takes about 1-2 weeks to ship, since they’re made by hand, on order. So if it’s a gift or if you’re just in major need of a new wallet, be sure to plan ahead.

Also, in the vein of, “not-really-a-negative but,” keep in mind that, because the Port Wallet is so sturdy, it takes awhile to break in. That definitely shouldn’t stop you from ordering one—when it comes, just stuff some extra cards or a small piece of cardboard in overnight for a few weeks, and it’ll be look as good as new (or, in this case, as good as old) before you know it. Because, for our money, this one’s a keeper—and thanks to incredible craftsmanship and high quality leather, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing with it…


  • Dimensions: W 2.75″ x H 4″ x D 0.75″
  • Weight: 4-5 oz. saddle leather
  • Holds 6-8 credit cards, plus bills
  • Leather colors: natural, medium brown, dark brown, mahogany
  • Thread colors: tan, natural, medium brown, dark brown, mahogany
  • Handmade / sewn in North Idaho
  • Maker’s mark emblazoned on the back, in small or large size
  • Also available in Horween Chromexcel Leather

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