Distil Union Wally Sleeve Brown

Distil Union – Wally Sleeve Wallet


The Wally Sleeve Wallet, by Distil union, is classic minimal wallet design with a front-pocket slide style compartment. The wallet provides a generous amount of capacity, as it can hold up to six credit cards and cash as well. The Wally is made with 100% genuine leather, giving it structural integrity that will endure the frequent use of an everyday user and remains comfortable to carry.

This minimal wallet offers excellent ease of access and security. It has a built-in tab, which is simply pulled to assist ejection of your stored cards. The tab is designed to automatically retract once the cards are reinserted into the slide storage compartment. The tab assist for card access is unique in the minimal wallet space and offers convenience users will enjoy.

This sleeve wallet is an excellent choice for first time minimal wallet users and experience minimal wallet enthusiasts alike. The simple design seems to adjust to a more upscale or more casual look depending on the clothing style of the day. Additionally, the wallet provides excellent everyday functionality for those that need generous storage space without the bulkiness of a traditional wallet.

The Wally is available in two colors, Ninja Black as well as Cowboy Brown.

Distil Union offers free shipping of their products. Judging by most of their online reviews and comments, they have quickly established a reputation for quality products. You will not be disappointed by this minimal wallet as it provides all the features and comfort minimal wallets have become famous for.


  • Storage for up to 6 cards
  • Additional space for bills and business cards
  • Genuine leather construction
  • Durable and stylish
  • Full featured with card ejection tab
  • Available in Ninja Black or Cowboy Brown
  • Durable and flexible for long-term use