Minimal Wallet

HuMn Wallet

I love all kinds of minimal wallet designs simply because they make so much sense. It is actually a little hard to believe that it took this long for people to realize, they do not really want a 10-pound wallet in their back pocket.

The HuMn is an example of excellent minimal wallet design. It has a very slick, modern appearance and is available in many different bright colors, which really add to the overall style of the wallet.

It not only looks great, the wallet has a nice set of features as well. It’s clear this is one minimal wallet with designers who didn’t stop designing after they finished with how it looked. Unfortunately, that has been the case with several recent models coming onto the scene.

One of the highlights of the HuMn is RFID blocking technology, which these days are starting to border on a requirement. The wallet is a two-plate design, which offers colored plates secured by a thick and sturdy nylon strap, holding your cash and cards securely in between.


  • RFID Blocking Technology
  • Capacity for Cash, Cards and Business Cards
  • Designed and Produced with Quality Materials
  • Available in Multiple Bright Color Options
  • Balance of Appearance and Features Is Among the Best
  • Durable and Built for Every Day Use

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