Narwhal. Co

Narwhal. Co make wallets and accessories from Vintage Ties. We featured their Sattley Slim Wallet a couple of months ago on the site and immediately wanted to know more about them and how they got in to making Wallets from Vintage Ties. We contacted Ryan at Narwhal. Co and he was more than happy to become one of our featured ‘meet the maker’.

Q. Briefly tell us about Narwhal. Co who you are and how you got started?

A. We recycle vintage neckties into minimalist wallets. We got started in a basement and a borrowed sewing machine. After selling out of our initial batch at the local farmer’s market, we thought we should maybe give it a try.

Q. What made you decide to make wallets from neckties?

A. There are a million types of wallets out there and no one was doing it with neckties. We started about 6-7 years ago and figured recycling neckties would be a good start. There are some amazing ties from the 60’s and 70’s that do not get used anymore.

Q. Are you looking to add any other designs? What’s the future hold for Narwhal. Co?

A. Absolutely, we are constantly trying to improve our wallets and designs. We have women’s clutches and make-up bags coming out in the near future to attract both genders and expand the brand.

Q. Which famous person would you love to get an order from for one of your wallets? and why?

A. Nick Offerman hands down. He is the ultimate meat-loving, minimalist outdoors man. But in the end, I’d be humbled if anyone somewhat famous used one of our wallets.