Slimwallet Black

Secrid – Slim Wallet

The SECRID Slimwallet is designed to be comfortable, stylish and functional yet still stay true to minimalist wallet principles. Similar to the Miniwallet model also made by SECRID, this minimal wallet is significantly slimmer and does not have the stud closure.

It can fit easily in a front pants pocket, inside jacket pocket or front shirt pocket. The wide cut leather offers more storage capacity for cards than many other minimal wallets and still leaves room for cash as well as business cards. It is not built for carrying coins, but that is a small downside to endure in exchange for the amazing size and functionality. The wallet also features RFID protection, keeping your credit card data and private information safe from hackers.

The Slimwallet measures only 68mm x 102mm x 21mm and weighs in at only seventy-two grams. The card storage housing is made of aluminum and the wallet itself is crafted from fine European leather, giving it a refined look.


  • Storage space for 6-8 cards plus cash and business cards
  • Card holder made of sturdy solid aluminum
  • Crafted from fine European leather
  • RFID protection keeps your data safe
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Everyday function and style

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