The LEAN™ Essentials Wallet from Raphael Quality Goods Co.

Lean: thin, slim, skinny. As its name suggests, the LEAN™ Essentials Wallet is minimal, fitting easily into pockets without creating noticeable bulk. Yet with dimensions of 65mm x 95mm x 5mm when empty, it’s still spacious enough to hold an array (albeit a relatively small array) of essential cards and cash.

Each wallet is intricately handcrafted, and as of 2014, James Raphael (the founder of Vancouver-based Raphael Quality Goods Co.) is the sole crafter. To create the wallet, a single piece of full grain, vegetable tanned Wickett & Craig® leather is cut using a laser pointer; this minimizes waste as well as makes for perfectly clean and straight edges (which are burnished and waxed prior to completion). The leather is then wrapped, creating a continuously smooth and sleek exterior, before being hand-sewn with waxed nylon thread. The saddle stitch used allows for added strength and durability.

When wrapped, the leather naturally creates three individual slots: a “Front Card Slot” (which makes it easy to access your most popular items), the “Centre Card Slot” (ideal for storing up to four additional cards without compromising too much on accessibility), and the “Back Cash Slot” (a small, angled pouch that’s perfect for stashing a small wad of bills).

The LEAN™ Essentials Wallet can be found in four distinct colors: Natural, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, or Black. However, the company emphasizes that the leather they use is “made to be broken in, not broken.” Because of this, the material is flexible and will soften over time, resulting in a gradual leather-worn appearance and slight change in color (see below); however, the leather is firm enough to retain both its shape and quality, guaranteeing years of resilience.

Every LEAN™ Essentials Wallet includes the option of a complimentary custom laser engraving. Up to three initials can be inscribed on the back of the accessory in one of two different letting styles, Sans Serif and Letterpress.

As an example of a personalized engraving, the initials “JMR” have been etched into the above wallets in Sans Serif lettering.

For those looking for a clean and simple, high-quality minimalist wallet, the LEAN™ Essentials version is a more-than-viable candidate. Available from Raphael Quality Goods Co. at a quite reasonable price, we confidently throw our support behind this particular accessory. A modest yet appealing design, durable build, quality material, and minimal but accommodating proportions: What more could you ask for?

Raphael LEAN Wallet - CashRaphael LEAN Wallet - EdgesRaphael LEAN Wallet - Colorsimg